Piling Bumpers

Piling Bumpers

  • Extruded from Marine Grade polyvinyl chloride to resist buildup from barnacles and oyster shells.
  • Comes standard in Non-Marking Black, will not mark your watercraft
  • Comes in a standard length of 72 inches long with 3 mounting holes, a Pressure Treated 2 x 4 attached with Stainless Steel fasteners to the bumper, a sealing cap on top, and 3-1/2" x 5" Long Lag Bolts for fastening to the piling.
  • Bolt them in place and you're all set!
  • Can be mounted vertically on a piling or horizontally as a dock bumper.


Product Number: TD-50261

**Please call us at 715-342-3804 or inquire below to order this product.

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