Dock Installation (1st Year Only)

  1. While on shore, install brackets, posts, and foot pads.
  2. Slide styrofoam log under far end of section and float into position.
  3. Walk out to bracket locations & loosen bracket adjusting bolt. Let pipe slide down to lake bottom, then tighten bracket adjusting bolt.
  4. Level dock starting from shore, then drill holes and install all locking L pins. Install optional accessories and safety caps.


Dock Take-Down 

  1. Remove all assembly pins and pipe bumpers from brackets. Slide styrofoam log under far end of section.

  2. Loosen dock bracket adjusting bolt. When leg is completely up, tighten bracket adjusting bolt. 
    Note: if augers are being used, unscrew from lake bottom with pipe wrench turning counterclockwise.

  3. Lift dock section out of adjoining bracket and float to shore.

  4. Mark each section for easy installation next spring. There is no need to remove any hardware. Stack sections in a flat crisscross configuration for winter storage.


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