TechStar Personal Watercraft Float

TechStar Personal Watercraft Float


The Personal Watercraft Float allows for an easy drive on and roll off for your watercraft. Ideal for aluminum fishing boats as well. Keeps your craft out of the water and high and dry. 

The sloped interior and recessed polyurethane rollers means your PWC always sits in the center. Polyurethane rollers are mounted on Stainless Steel axles and hardware. 

Overall Dimensions: 81” Wide X 74” Long X 24” Overall Height
Inside Width between framing: 59”
Capacity: 1,600 Pounds

  • Overall dimensions - 81” Wide x 74” Long x 24” High
  • Inside width with Bumpers - 54”
  • Inside width without Bumpers - 59”
  • Shipping weight - 130 Pounds
  • Flotation - 1600 pounds
  • Polyurethane rollers on stainless steel axles and hardware


Product Number: PWC-1

**Please call us toll free at 866-675-1880 or inquire below to order this product.



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